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"I do not like this discussion."

Translation:Δε μου αρέσει αυτή η συζήτηση.

January 6, 2017



Why is it o.k. to drop the "ν" and use only "Δε"?


According to the current spelling rules (e.g. http://ebooks.edu.gr/modules/ebook/show.php/DSDIM-F102/580/3784,16613/ ), it's not just possible to drop the nu here, but mandatory -- because the following sound is neither a vowel nor a plosive stop consonant or affricate.

If I remember correctly, in the rules I learned at the time, the nu was optional in this sort of situation, i.e. you could use it or omit it. Not dropping it seems a little more old-fashioned/conservative to me which is perhaps why this option was dropped.


Why is this wrong: δεν μου αρέσει η συζήτηση αυτή ?


Does the word order really matter here?


Well, you could say "Αυτή η συζήτηση δεν μου αρέσει" as well. ^.^


Oh, this is what I put at first, but Duolingo said it was wrong...


Well, not anymore. I just added it. ^.^

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