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"HC Andersen er kendt for sine eventyr."

Translation:HC Andersen is known for his fairytales.

January 6, 2017



HC Andersen is known for his adventures..... Is not accepted


That's because he was an author, not an adventurer. Although there is only one word for adventure and fairytale in Danish (eventyr), there is still a difference. If you said "Peter Freuchen er kendt for sine eventyr", everyone who has heard of him would know that you're talking about his experiences and travels, and that you're probably not saying he wrote fairytales.

[deactivated user]

    While H.C. Andersen is certainly most known for his stories, he was indeed a bit of an adventurer as well. He travelled extensively in Europe and wrong large books about his travels.


    "At rejse er at leve" is also a famous H.C. Andersen quote.


    'Fairy stories' ought to be accepted


    I have not read that expression before. Maybe cite a dictionary to make your argument stronger?


    in this sentence I am supposed to write fairytales, not fairy tales (in two words), so I am told that I had an extra space. There are other sentences in which it is exactly opposite, I write fairytales and am told that I had missed a space. Both forms, fairy tale and fairytale, are correct, as far as I know


    They were not his fairy tales. He had appropriated them from older sources and simply compiled them.


    I think you are thinking of the Grimm Brothers, who collected old fairy tales about half a century before Andersen published his.

    But HC Andersen wrote his own fairy tales.


    Is "fairy tales" wrong and only the compound word correct?


    Isn't this a past present sentence?


    Another famous Hans Christian: Hans Christian Ørsted whose work formed the basis for electromagnetic theory, once said to Hans Christian Andersen: "Your novels will make you famous, but your fairy stories will make you immortal" How right he was!

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