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"We give the sisters chocolate."

Translation:Surorilor le dăm ciocolată.

January 6, 2017



Is "îi dăm ciocolată surorilor" wrong? It was not accepted.


All of these are equivalent:

  • Surorilor le dăm ciocolata.
  • Le dăm ciocolată surorilor.
  • Le dăm surorilor ciocolată.
  • Ciocolată le dăm surorilor.

Yours however is not valid as îi is for singular, while le is for plural.


Man that is lot of ways to say it...think my head is gonna melt. Thanks


You don't have agreement in number. "Îi" is singular while "surorilor" is plural.

"Îi dăm ciocolată surorii" = "We give the sister chocolate" "Le dăm ciocolată surorilor" = "We give the sisters chocolate"


Thanks. I got confused with the masculine accusative plural, I guess.


So why does ciocolată has no article "o" in front? It is indefinite noun, but when I write my sentence: "noi le dam surorilor o ciocolată" it does not accept it... But the same sentence just without "o" is fine... took me 10 minutes to figure out what I was writing wrong, but still do not get it why is it wrong? Any natives willing to explain please! Big multumesc! :D


"o ciocolată" would be "a chocolate". The original sentence is "We give the sisters chocolate" (uncountable).


aha, ok, I didn't know that the indefinite noun can stand without the article. Thank you very much! :)

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