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"Eu nu puteam fac prăjituri!"

Translation:I could not make cakes!

January 7, 2017



Can we change the translation of prăjituri to "cakes"? I don't think people actually eat cupcakes in Romania/Moldova.


In Romania people say prăjituri for all sorts of pastries but definitely not cupcakes


Cake / cakes are "tort /torturi" (french "gâteau / gâteaux "), definitely different. I am not sure if "cupcake" is the best translation for "prăjitură" but it's the closest I can find. Any suggestions?


I always thought that "prăjitură" translates as "sweet pastry" in English (I use it for all sorts of sweets, cookies for example, but correct me if I'm wrong) The cake translation is not accurate because as crbratu said "tort" is the accurate translation there


Is the "puteam" in the imperfect?


So the imperfect and the present tense are used in the same way when describing a past event -- first the imperfect then the present. That makes it easy


I know a word brioșe, that might work better for a cupcake

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