"Я маю карі очі, а моя дружина має зелені очі."

Translation:I have brown eyes and my wife has green eyes.

January 7, 2017

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Карі - brown, but only for eyes


I thought that дружина means friend. Is then friend - подруга?

  1. Дружина ( =моя жінка ) means wife.
  2. Mоя дівчина ( подруга ) means girlfriend ( friend ). depending on the context


Thank you. What's the difference between Дружина and жінка? And between дівчина and подруга?


''Жінка'' adult female human being.

If I hear ''whose жінка'', I realize she is a wife. ''Вони - чоловік і жінка'' they are husband and wife. ''Марія - жінка мого брата''. Maria is wife of my brother. ''Дружина'' sounds more literary, than ''його жінка''.

''Дівчина'' is used in the sense Girl. ''Дівчинка'' - little girl.

''Подруга'', often ''подружка'', generally used to mean a female friend. And when a guy introduces his girlfriend, he says, ''це моя дівчина''; but if he says ''моя подруга'' is not clear yet a friend or a girlfriend.


Thanks! Now it's much more clear for me!


Isn't карі means hazel? Why hazel is not accepted?

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