Polish Club

Hello everybody!! I'd like to ask if there is a Polish Club that I might join :) Thank you in anticipation!

1 year ago


Hello, I create Polish beginners club ) If you interested please join to club... CODE: 9ZH4GV

1 year ago

I'm new to clubs - and learning Polish but it says the cub is full. Can you add more space or should I start another?

1 year ago

Czesc =) Unfortunately, I think it is not impossible to add more space for group. It's limited by 15 persons. But at the moment we have 14 members. If you want kindly please to join us =)

1 year ago

I created a Polish Intermediate club and the code is QW2TM7. I'm not sure if skill level really counts for anything in the club as it seems to create a leaderboard based on your weekly XP total so you can build on that regardless of whether you've just started or you're on your fifth iteration of the tree! It also seems to max out at 14 members too so I think the motivation is to just create some friendly competition..

1 year ago

Where can I join the club?

1 year ago

Unfortunately, I don't know how to join from web. But if you use duolingo app, you can easily join to clubs.

1 year ago
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At the moment there is no possible way to use web to join clubs. Clubs are only available in mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems. If you use mobile with different OS, like Windows phone than you probably never get them.

There is bigger that slight hope that duolingo will introduce clubs for computers in less than a distant future.

1 year ago

[deactivated user]

    Come and join "The Henchmen of Poland", if it's meant to be! Let's learn together eagerly, here is the code: URWDVQ.

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    Hello, we are looking for the active members with minimum just 10 xp per week. Please join us Code: Y7MXAT Dzięki!

    5 months ago
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