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  5. "Fără muncă în timpul grevei!"

"Fără muncă în timpul grevei!"

Translation:Without work during the strike!

January 7, 2017



I wouldn't translate this literally...”No work during the strike!” seems more legit in English to me


Or "Out of work during the strike"


...or "I am without work during the strike"?


This would make more sense but the Romanian sentence would have to start with (Eu) Sunt.


shouldn't " in time of strike "also be accepted. I think that in English you also say "in time of war" etc. like we do in French " en temps de guerre, en temps de crise etc.. or does Romanian " in timpul"carry a sense of duration, i.e. it is used only for short periods ( though strikes can last very much like the coal mines strike in the U.K. in the seventies if I remember well?) By the way : GREVEI is GREVE in French.


I don't think we do say in time of dtrike in English. I think this sentence means No working during the strike or during strikes-it seems to be a command...


...but we can/do say "In the time of..." as equivalent to "During..."

In this example it would be "(He/She was) without work in the time of the strike."

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