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"To buy the elections is a crime."

Translation:A cumpăra alegerile este o infracțiune.

January 7, 2017



About ”crimă” Wiktionary says: ”infracțiune care reprezintă un grad ridicat de pericol și pe care legea o sancționează cu pedepsele cele mai mari; (spec.) omor”. So I guess that ”crimă” should be the correct answer? Buying elections is a very severe violation, it's not exactly like exceeding the speed limit a bit or so (”infracțiune”)...


We tend to reserve the word "crimă" for manslaughter. For instance we wouldn't use that word for mugging, even though it is technically a criminal offense ("faptă penală", "infracțiune").


In addition to what ovidiu_nl said, that wiktionary definition is taken from the DEX, which is an official dictionary of the Romanian Academy, so you can safely rely on it. However, the last part of the definition mentions the word gained the specialized meaning of "homicide". Indeed, there are some common terms that suggest that:
criminal în serie - serial killer
crimă cu premeditare - premeditated murder


Thank you for your answers, ovidiu_nl & potestasity! I found the word I had in mind -"delict" (minor offense)


In France it's more than just "une infraction", it's "un délit". If it's the same in Romanian laws, "delict" would be a better translation than "infracțiune".


Buying an election is equivalent to at least manslaughter of a country so the word crime is fine in my books. It would certainly need to be translated as crime in English. Language can tell us much about a culture; if the ordinary romanian speaker would not usually call buying an election a crime...then democracy is more fragile....?


If I'm not wrong, "crime" in English covers anything from a speeding ticket to manslaughter. I think the right translations for the words "crimă", "delict", "infracțiune" are "felony", "misdemeanor", "infraction" (or "petty offense").

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