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  5. "Her ovens are big."

"Her ovens are big."

Translation:Cuptoarele sale sunt mari.

January 7, 2017



Isn't cuptor a masculine noun, if so, why does it end in ele?


Cuptor is neutru masculine. Un cuptor - două cuptoare. So we should use femeie form with plural.


The adjective mari/mare keeps giving me trouble. What are the rules with this adjective?


Nothing special here. The adjectives have in general 4 forms as they have to be in accordance with the noun (masc sg / fem sg / masc pl / fem pl) Example: bun / bună / buni / bune. Some adjectives are though less complicated because they have the same form for masc. and fem. , therefore only 2 possible forms remain (sg / pl). This is the case of mare (masc. or fem sg.)/ mari (masc. or fem pl.) Similar to other adjectives ending in ”e” (tare / tari; rece / reci; limpede / limpezi; iute / iuți; fierbinte / fierbinți; etc.)


I thought "ei" and "a sa" was hers. So does sale mean hers too?


It's the feminine plural form. Iepurele său/ iepurii săi/ găina sa / găinile sale

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