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Verbs lesson 1 of 16

Two questions back to back. 1. "Ella existe" computer responded with correct answer "Does she exist" and 2. "Ella sabe nader" computer responded with correct answer being "She does not know how to swim" Am I not seeing something here or is there a problem?

March 14, 2012

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The second is an obvious mistake. In such a case I would make a screenshot and send it with the feedback link on the left, and would additionally submit the correct answer using the other feedback method.

The first looks as if the question marks are missing in the question. Recently I have seen very little if any punctuation the sentences coming from the system.

I had previously mentioned in bug reports that it is problematic to train us that punctuation will be ignored anyway and then rely on our punctuation for the web translations. Removing all punctuation from the example sentences would make some sense in this context. If that's what is going on, then it would increase the number of correct solutions in many cases, and we would simply have to submit these new solutions as we encounter the problem.

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