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  5. "My dogs eat fish."

"My dogs eat fish."

Vertaling:Mijn honden eten vis.

February 27, 2014

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is "De hunden van mij eten vis" completely wrong?


There's really no need to make it that complicated. Simply use possessive pronouns in these cases. What you wrote is pretty much like saying "The dogs of mine eat fish." It's easier just to say "My dogs eat fish."

As a side note, it's "honden" with an o.

Happy learning :)


Yeah I know it's more complicated, but that's how duolingo taught me to write it^^; since it's pretty similar to German I thought it would be easier to write "Mijn Honden etc." but since I learned it that way I wrote "De honden van mij" and was a bit sad when it turned out to be wrong :,(
yeah, I have some problems with spelling things in dutch^^; thanks for your help! :)


"van mij" is "mine" not "my"

"De honden zijn van mij" is "The dogs are mine."

"my" is "mijn"

That's probably a bit confusing because "mijn" sounds a lot like "mine", but it's really just "my".

I don't think we teach "my" as "van mij" in the course btw.


well maybe not exactly van "mij" but you teach it with other words "van..something" otherwise I wouldn't know about it ;) and I don't really confuse it since I'm German and the German Version of "mijn" is "mein". ^^ "van mij" would be "von mir" I guess. I just concentrated on the wrong thing and wrote it wrongly I guess...I still don't get the whole "van" thing^^; I will just try to memorise it.


als er een s bij zit is het dogs dus honden

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