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  5. "Hun siger, at hun hader ham."

"Hun siger, at hun hader ham."

Translation:She says that she hates him.

January 7, 2017



Hader er en rigtig stor ord.


Why is there a comma after siger?


The use of a comma seems to be a common thing there.


It insisted several times that I had typed in English instead of Danish...I certainly hadn't! Then it decided to accept but with my incorrect spelling of "h├Žder". An odd glitsch.


I am astonished that duolingo accepted my answer "Hun siger at hun halder ham." , when I read the correct answer. .. I could not hear correctly "hader", its very often difficult for me to hear a different sound between "d" and "l" in danish pronouncation, may be because of my "hard ear problems"

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