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  5. "The words and the sentences."

"The words and the sentences."

Translation:Οι λέξεις και οι προτάσεις.

January 7, 2017



Can someone explain how to exactly use κι? it's often counted as wrong and I don't understand why.


We can use κι instead of και when the next word starts with a vowel, which means that «και οι» could well become «κι οι» if you prefer so.


That's what I thought, it wasn't my mistake


why was φράσεις considered wrong?


Η φράση is a group of words that does not constitute a sentence. That is it does not contain both a subject and a predicate. As I see you know Greek well I'll reference a Greek school glossary: here. Hope that helps. Any other questions of course ask us.


A φράση / phrase is just a PART of a πρόταση / sentence.

What's more, to have a whole πρόταση you always need a verb!

This is not necessary for a φράση:

Φράση: Ο συμμαθητής μου ο Γιάννης...

Φράση: ...είχε τα γενέθλιά του.

Πρόταση: Ο συμμαθητής μου ο Γιάννης είχε τα γενέθλιά του.


Just how do I post a sentence to require a translation?


Please be more specific. Are you referring to sentences from a particular skill or a personal sentence you would like translated?


A personal sentence. Let’s have a description of the method whoever carries out on topics clearly so that any new requests I may pull appear in the Sentences list. ;)


You can make a new discussion asking how is your sentence tranlsated.


Except that anyone who makes a new discussion has their topic appear in "New", when I want mine to appear in the "Sentences" list.


The purpose of the Sentence List is to discuss the Duo exercises and clarify the grammar and vocabulary of each sentence. Personal items are discouraged and might be deleted because if it became used too often for such purposes we would not be able to correctly maintain the course.


Then you will have to learn Greek and English so fluently that the course contributors invite you to help contribute your new translations to the course :)

After that, your new translation exercises will show up for users and eventually one user might post a question on such an exercise, which will then cause that sentence discussion to be created and posted under the Sentences list.

The Sentences list is only for discussions that are created automatically from the exercises in the course... and those sentences are created by the course contributors.

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