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  5. "Estos zapatos no me quedan."

"Estos zapatos no me quedan."

Translation:These shoes do not fit me.

February 18, 2013



Sounded to me like "estos zapatos no me caben" and since caber' means 'to fit' I thought that was a better answer ... guess I heard it wrong though.


I did the same. Caben and Quedan sound very much alike. also I think Caben would be the better word here since you do fit into shoes.


"quedan" was a new word for me, so I peeked and it said to me "stay" or "keep" would be the translation. How should I guess, that it means "fit"?


You don't guess, you learn. And how do you learn? Why, you just did! :D


Quedar is basically the devil.


This word confuses me too. I think it's "these shoes don't stay with (fit) me (my foot) anymore"


That does make more sense about why the word has multiple meanings. Thanks!


I guessed it, having never seen it before. Based on context, there aren't that many verbs that fit into "these shoes don't ___ me".


I am absolutely mystified by this one. Where does "do not fit" come from? I had a couple of ideas but was certain that they were wrong, because they didn't make much sense even by duolingo standards.


'quedar' is one of those words with many meanings ... check this site, which shows meanings from three dictionaries, and the third one has a listing that fits the definition used here. Still quite a stretch for Duo if two dictionaries don't show this meaning and the third one has it listed eighth, but at least it's there ... http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/quedar

Specifically item # 8 in the Collins Dictionary (the third one), which reads

8) [+ropa] (ser la talla) to fit; (sentar) to suit ¿qué tal (de grande) te queda el vestido? does the dress fit you?;

me queda pequeño it's too small for me;

no te queda bien ese vestido that dress doesn't suit you;

te queda bien it suits you;

no queda bien así/aquí it doesn't look right like that/here

[deactivated user]

    Lingot for you! I looked at the hints and they were completely confusing; normally there are more options for a word with this many meanings.


    Why was it "no me quedan" and no "no me quedo'


    Because you are referring to "the shoes" (plural).

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