"Contabilii sunt frumoși."

Translation:The accountants are handsome.

January 7, 2017

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I don't understand why the right translation is "... are handsome" but " ... are nice" is not accepted. Moreover, "frumosi" is translated by "beautiful" when you click on it ...


"nice" would be "drăguț" or "amabil" -- "frumos" means "beautiful" but somehow it is weird in English to call someone male "beautiful" but instead "handsome" is used (which is kinda insulting when used to describe someone female or could refer to a 'boyish charm')

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Why did I get an error when translating "frumosi" to "good looking"?


Why is "Contabili sunt frumosi" wrong? You don't need the article if you are stating a generality. I feel like the definite article is being used far too much in the examples used in Occupations 1 & 2 because they often seem to make far more sense as generalities as they would referring to specific people.


Actually, in Romanian, you do need the definite article to state a generality. The difference between "all accountants" and "these particular accountants" is made solely based on context.
Personally, I feel like an arbitrary sentence with no context is a general statement and all these were poorly translated to English...


I share your feeling about these English translations. And thank you for pointing out why I need the definite article anyway.


This is getting into science fiction territory.

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