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"Noi bem un suc și voi mâncați orezul."

Translation:We drink a juice and you eat the rice.

January 7, 2017



We drink juice


If you translate it word by word it is 'a juice', even though it is more natural in English to lose the 'a'. But the lesson focuses on articles and understanding them.


a juice sounds very strange in English


Only one juice? we have to share it?


Is it me or is the slow audio saying BEA and nu BEM?? I'm sure it is!


I heard BEM. But perhaps they've changed it.


Robot says "vouă" instead of "voi"


I'm romanian and I've noticed this mistake too.


A juice? Juice pouch?


If "un suc" why not "un orez"?


Because it's like an idiom. Ieșim la (un suc, o cafea, o bere)? is a question you will often hear. It doesn't man you actually go out and drink only one juice. The problem here is the English translation. We drink juice should be the correct version.


One time I was eating lunch with co-workers from China, and I was doing my best to eat with chopsticks. I do know how to handle chopsticks, but clearly not like a native. They challenged me on my chopstick usage, and I proved it by picking up a single grain of rice and eating it.

So -- it's possible to eat "ONE RICE" .. but really, if you think about it, Rice is served as hundreds of grains of rice in a dish, and therefore it is one of those words that is always plural - like sand.


While the focus of this question might be on articles, it is quite wrong to say "a juice" in English, with "the rice" being a little bit questionable.

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