Help: Glitch, broken streak, and non-working repair.


I had a 78 day streak that gave me great motivation to log in every morning to practice. It has become a part of my morning routine that I really enjoy. :) Unfortunately, a couple of days ago I was unable to get the app to load any of the lessons. Each time I tried, I was met with three flashing grey dots on the screen as the app tried to pull up a lesson - but it never went anywhere. Because of this, I lost my streak.

The next day I emailed a bug report but never heard anything back. So I logged onto my app again where I saw a pop-up offering to repair the streak for 4.99. Normally, I would never consider such a thing, but as a one-time gig I thought why not. (As a side note - I am much more willing to donate to this wonderful platform than to pay for a streak repair. Please give us options to donate all during the year.) My itunes account shows a charge of 4.99, but my streak is still not repaired.

So I'm now left with only a two day streak from yesterday's and today's practice, out 4.99, and the loss of my greatly motivating streak I had worked hard for. Can this be repaired? If it can't, I certainly understand and will just move on to create a new streak. But I would like the repair fee refunded.

Thank you!

January 7, 2017


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I recommend filling out the form at the end of this help page and sending it in. Include as much information as possible, including the confirmation code for your purchase. If there are any images that show your username with a purchase email, include that too. (I don't use the ios so, I don't know what all of that looks like on your end.)

Good luck! I hope they fix your streak. :)

January 8, 2017

Thanks! I'll do that and add screen shots and my apple receipt.

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