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Luxembourgish Lessons #13: Numbers

Welcome to number thirteen of the Luxembourgish lessons, which will cover cardinal and ordinal numbers.

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Cardinal Numbers

Compound Numbers

When writing out numbers such as twenty-one or fifty-eight, you would take the one's digit, follow it by the word an(and), and end it with the ten's digit. For example, the number twenty-one would be written as eenanzwanzeg (lit. "one and twenty")

Eifel rule still applies when forming numbers like this. The number forty-one, for example, would be written as eenavéierzeg, not as eenanvéierzeg.

Decimals and Commas

Like in some other languages, decimals and commas have somewhat opposite uses in Luxembourgish than in English. Decimals are represented as commas and commas as either decimals or spaces. For example:

  • 15,998 -> fofzéng Komma néng néng aacht (fifteen point nine nine eight)
  • 15.998 or 15 998 -> fofzéngdausend nénghonnert aachtannonzeg (fifteen thousand nine hundred ninety-eight)

Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers tell the position of something in a list (such as first, second, third, etc.). The general rule of forming ordinal numbers goes as follows:

For example, a cardinal like fënnef (five) would become the ordinal fënneft (fifth). Likewise, a cardinal like drësseg (thirty) would become the ordinal drëssegst (thirtieth)

There are a few ordinal forms that are irregular:

So for instance, one-hundred third would translate as (eent)honnertdrëtt.

Since ordinals can act as modifiers, if they are used as attributive modifiers, they must act as such. For instance:

véiert "fourth" -> Dee véierte Mann "The fourth man"

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January 8, 2017



why is the Komma capitalised?


The word "Komma" itself is a noun, and all nouns are capitalized in Luxembourgish, so when writing it out, it would have to be capitalized.

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