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Possible to get rid of timed practice option (or make it non-default)?

Is there a way to get rid of the possibility to do timed practice?

I can see how timed practice would be useful, but I'm just not fast enough yet for it to make sense, and so I only practice without a timer.

My issue is that there are keyboard shortcuts for pretty much everything in Duolingo (selecting an answer, checking the answer, ...) and I am used to using them, but pressing Enter on the practice selection screen currently always selects "timed practice" - and there seems not to be a shortcut for practice without a timer.

Thus I often select the timed practice due to force of habit, and then have to abort practice, restart it, and re-select the practice-without-a-timer using the mouse.

Is there a way in Duolingo to get rid of this source of error - either by disabling timed practice altogether, or by making practice-without-a-timer the default option for the Enter shortcut?

February 27, 2014



I would like this too, I never use the Timed Practice.

As a consolation, when you want to restart a lesson you can quickly F5 and it brings you right to the start. In the case of Practice it will bring you back to the selection screen.


This is my issue too. Exactly because I can't press enter on the practice page. Please add an option to turn off the Timed Practice feature.

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