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Where are my lingots?

Spanish person talking here. Gonna tell this quick.

First day in duolingo, liked the idea and signed up. Avoided the mobile app due to memory issues and skipped to the level test. After finishing it, I leveled up yo lv.9, no jokes.

Wanted to unlock some extra stuff for lingots but noticed that I had none afer finishing 15+ units with the test and leveled up 9 times.

Read about it and I think I'm supposed to have more than 0... :P

Maybe bug? Don't know... Any help?


February 27, 2014



you do not receive any lingots if you take shortcuts unfortunately :(

Here is an explanation of when you get lingots (find it at the bottom of your shop):

What is a lingot?

A lingot [ling-guht] is the Duolingo virtual currency. The more you learn on Duolingo, the more lingots you'll receive and be able to use in the store! They can be earned through:

Leveling up Earn 1 lingot (multiplied by level reached)

Finishing a skill Earn 2 lingots for finishing a new skill

Full hearts Earn 1 lingot for finishing a lesson with full hearts

10 day streaks Earn 1 lingot for every 10 days on a streak (1 for 10, 2 for 20, etc)

Inviting friends Invite a friend to Duolingo and, if your friend accepts, you both will receive 1 lingot

Translating documents Translate or edit a sentence in an Immersion document, and receive 1/4 lingot per word once your translation receives at least 3 up votes

Uploading documents Upload a document to Immersion, and receive 1 lingot every time someone upvotes your document

Note: Lingots are not awarded when you use a tree shortcut to level up or finish a skill.


Ahhh! I was about to post that... as a screenshot.


Wow, that sucks :( translating documents doen't work very well so I think I'll just delete my account and maybe start over. Great site though.


Best language-learning site ever =).

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