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  5. "Do you have a large sum?"

"Do you have a large sum?"

Translation:Tu ai o sumă mare?

January 8, 2017



Why can't largă be used here?


"Larg(ă)" means "wide" in Romanian. False friend. :)


why isn't it suma marea ?


I think you are asking why isn't it 'suma marea,' where 'suma marea' in your question means 'the largest sum'?

Sumă = sum Suma = the sum

But mare has a couple meanings, 'large' if you are using it as an adjective or it could also mean 'sea' if you use it as a noun. However when you say marea you are actually saying 'the sea'


so mare doesn't have a feminin form?


Mare is actually feminine as well as masculine in its singular form. It is also one of those adjectives that changes form only in the case of numbers.

Singular masculine and feminine: mare

Plural masculine and feminine: mari

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