"El este fiul surorii mele."

Translation:He is the son of my sister.

January 8, 2017

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Tricky! The sentence came to me with the dropdown selection menu, where I had to select between ”surorii” and ”surorilor”. Grammatically, the sentence is correct both ways. However, logically, the guy can not be ”fiul surorilor mele”, as he can't have more than one mother... I deliberately tried it and it was marked wrong... :))


Report it! Surrogacy is not prohibited in this part of Europe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surrogacy
- and it would not even be the most surreal of Duolingo's examples, where the bakers look for a pirate ;-)


You could also have two mothers in a same sex adoption. Just saying.


Regardless of the adoption references the other colleagues used, the sentence is indeed correct both ways. As a native, I stood and considered for a second why I had to choose between two right answers.


Why do we use here the feminine plural "mele" instead of the singular "mea"? Is it because of the way the feminine genitive is built?


Yeah, that's the genitive/dative form, which for feminine stuff is usually like the nominative/accusative plural.


I am so happy when someone really understands such tricky constructions in my native language! Not kidding.

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