"The boy is talking online."

Translation:Το αγόρι κουβεντιάζει στην ηλεκτρονική συνομιλία.

January 8, 2017

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σε συνδεση. why are we assuming he is using 'chat'?


Actually, the original Greek sentence used "chat" so the English translation should specify "chat". Thank you.


Somebody has changed the preferred English translation to "The boy is talking online." Which means that I had an English to Greek excercise that then marked me wrong for not magically knowing that chat was involved.


Here are two ideas I'd like to set forth. First and foremost if we change the preferred sentence we never remove the previous one for exactly the reason you give.

However, in this case, there has not been a change and how this non-exciting sentence came to be here we cannot understand. There are 34 accepted versions of this translation but this is not one of them.

Please let us know where you had this: on the web or Android and on what type of exercise: e.g. Strengthen skill, multiple choice etc? Thank you for notifying us and we'll report this to Duolingo.

I assure you we aim is to make learning as easy as possible but sometimes the Duobot has a glitch which seems to be the case here.


General "Strengthen skills" on web. (I.e. the button Strengthen Skills from the home page). I was presented "The boy is talking online". The hover hints gave me "online" or "σε σύνδεση" as options for online. "το αγόρι μελάει online" was not accepted, with the correct answer given as "Το αγόρι μιλάει στο chat."

I put a report in as well, in the hopes that it is easier to find.

(And the Greek tree is a model for easy learning, I would say. Some other languages get into deep philosophical arguments of why you absolutely have to use a singular to translate because the target language uses a singular, even if the singular is unnatural in English…) Thanks for all your work!


Why am I not surprised? The Strengthen skills dances to the beat of its own drum. There are some aspects of the course which we do not administer, Strengthen skills being one of them. I appreciate your specific reply thus enabling us to report this to Duo.

I'm so pleased you find the course easy and you are very welcome. The help of the community goes a long way to aid us and we are very grateful.

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