"Good night and goodbye!"

Translation:Noapte bună și la revedere!

January 8, 2017

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This has probably been answered elsewhere, but I haven't come across the answer. Why does bună come after noapte but before seara?

It seems that noapte bună is exclusively used when parting company, whereas bună seara is exclusively used as a greeting. When parting one would say seara bună (if it's still evening). Is this correct?


Good question. Never really thought about it, but I agree with the last part. Although I occasionally use "bună seara" when parting, "seara bună"/"o seară bună" seems more common (and I've never heard it used as a greeting).
Also, "noapte bună" strongly suggests sleep. I wouldn't say that when parting from someone who works a night shift.


Yes seara buna means have a good evening


What do i do if i dont have that ş thing???


Under the textbook are all the letters listed that you dont have on an english keyboard so you just need to click or tap them

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