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  5. "Κλώτσησα την μπάλα."

"Κλώτσησα την μπάλα."

Translation:I kicked the ball.

January 8, 2017



Κλώτσησα την μπάλα. I think this is past form from κλωτσάω but in my lexicon I cannot find this word, I only found
κλοτσώ <-άς, -ησα, -ήθηκα, -ημένος> which has the same meaning is this a new and an elder form?


Both forms are used, I believe κλοτσάω is the older (and linguistically correct).


Take a look here: https://e-didaskalia.blogspot.gr/2015/03/blog-post_232.html

The author of this notice says that the word κλοτσάω (κλοτσώ) is better with ο than with ω as it comes from the italian "calcio". Having in mind that the foreign origin words prefer the simplest orthography, that is phonetic and o is considered simpler than ω, he is right. But most of Greek speakers don't know it and I have met it with the old form (ω) a thousand times, so it seems weird to me. Anyway... I'll change :)

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