"Il vous lit le menu."

Translation:He is reading the menu to you.

February 18, 2013

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Damn damn damn. I keep confusing between lire and ecrit


This might help:

Je lis

Tu lis

Il/elle lit

Nous lisons

Vous lisez

Ils/elles lissent


Tu écris

Il/elle écrit

Nous écrivons

Vous écrivez

Ils/elles écrivent


Would have been nice to get an example of this beforehand, it's a bit hard to guess what it means if you haven't had a sentence like that before, though I guess it depends on what order you're getting the sentences in.


got confused with this one since they didn't give us an example before, I was like il = he, vous = you...he you read the menu? I was like whatt?? so I went with they read the menu lol


it is impossible to understand this


why is it il vous and not il est?


Is it possible to distinguish between the spoken sentences "Il vous lit le menu" and "ils vous lisent le menu"? Is the second sentence grammatically correct if I want to say "They are reading the menu to you"?


in the plural sentence, the s in lisent is pronounced.


I have come across this problem quite a few times now. Trying to distinguish the speech between singular and plural is very difficult for a native english speaker.


Totally confused with this one - Il vous reads like he you!


It does, if you do a word for word translation. But think of how even in English how some phrases don't literally mean what their words say. The key thing is to learn how to express ideas as a native speaker would. For French, saying 'Il vous...' sounds right and makes sense, in English the words go in a different order.


for you should be ok too


When I highlight vous the first option is you (singular). I thought vous was you (plural) and I'm wondering if duo is wrong or if in this context it can be singular


keep confusing with the matching of all those endings T, S & X = lis lit, veux veut. so where can i practice this? thanks in advance!


I heard "ils veulent le menu"!!!

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