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  5. "Voi tăceți, ei vorbesc."

"Voi tăceți, ei vorbesc."

Translation:You are silent, they talk.

January 8, 2017



"cand vorbesti cu mine sa taci din gura," as my father used to jokingly say. :)


Quite obviously yes, Wakefield9 - and also to "taciturn". "Laconic" in English is "laconic" in Romanian.


i would like the translation to be you(all) keep silent, they talk or they do the talking....which sounds more acceptable and realiastic than what Dl "wants"...


Well technically I think re: the above English has only the polite way of addressing people and has lost the Thou of earlier times, a sad loss to the richness particularly of love poetry!


Probably the loss of Thou was also handy in diplomatic conversation as no one could ever be offended at being addressed in the familiar, get jealous at someone else being addressed intimately, plus extremely useful when pointing out the error of someone's ways using sarcasm whilst still giving them full dignity.


In reference to why it shouldn't be 'you all' in the translation. A subtlety of the English language use would be that you would only in exceptional circumstances say 'you all' where the outcome might be negative or could be construed to be on those referred to - it is related to the highly developed sense of justice in the culture and can come across as insulting to the innocent or those trying to be.

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