"Noi mergem la Maria."

Translation:We are going to Mary.

January 8, 2017

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"We are going to Mary" is a very unlikely sentence in English, as I suspect it is in Romanian. We are visiting Maria, we are approaching Maria, we are moving toward Maria -- those work, but "We go to Mary" might only work with context such as "We go to Mary with our problems" etc. Which I think would be more "vorbim cu Maria despre..." than 'mergem...'. I may be wrong?


One of the most likely meanings of the Romanian sentence is something like "we are going to Mary's place"; with "la" functioning like the French "chez".


Ah! That makes perfect sense. "We're going to Mary's." Thank you!


"We are going to Mary" is not English. "We are going to Mary's place" should be accepted as correct.


Why we "go"is not correct? As I know simple present and present continuous are the same in Romanian.

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