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  5. "Je suis différent."

"Je suis différent."

Translation:I am different.

February 18, 2013



I am a woman. I think both answers should be acceptable.


I am not a woman and I still think both answers should be acceptable.


Only if the end of différent is not silent.


Probably too much trouble for Duolingo to have the female narrator use feminine adjectives when speaking first person, huh?

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Unlike other language learning sites, Duolingo does not use gender-relevant voices. So we just have to listen carefully for the audible clues.


Why is that? It seems like a serious shortcoming, and it's really hard to get used to in both English and Spanish. It's an integral part of the language.


I've had Duo accept feminine adjectives in first person before.


Yes. I get that in French/Spanish education it is typical to default to masculine, but I think women should be able to practice conjugating for themselves. As opposed to accidentally getting into the habit of only making masculine statements. :3 I imagine they will probably add the feminine one as well.


Oh, sure, but in this exact case - the word is pronounced differently :)

Masculine - diferaN Feminine - diferaNT

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For a "type what you hear" exercise, it is only "je suis différent" because the final "t" is silent. If you translate from English to French, both "différent" and "différente" are accepted.


Je ne suis pas comme les autres...


I agree! I am a woman, too, and "Je suis differente" is the right answer for me and any other woman completing this sentence.


Why "différent" and not also "différente"?


If it was asking you to type out what you heard, bear in mind that there is a difference in pronunciation between the two - différent /difeʁɑ̃/ v. différente /difeʁɑ̃t/. The final 't' is pronounced in the feminine, but not in the masculine.

Of course, if it was asking you to translate from the English "I am different", there is no way of telling the two apart, and you should report it.


In my case, however, I had to select the correct answer, not to type what I heard. In this situation, I find that "différente" is also correct.


They sound exactly the same to me. Not sure if it's the computer's voice or if I just still have no ear for French after >1 year at this.


Practise more ! :P A good way to develop your "ear" for French is to search up on YouTube for reviews or speeches (There's a few really good Tedx Talks in French) and either watch with captions and try to discern the words or just sit back and listen to the rhythm & pronunciation


I'm going to keep this in mind because I almost can never tell changes in the sound in feminine/masculine words in French (or plural/singular.)


I also am a chick, but I used the masc. option because there is no harm in learning both ways of spelling (although, irl, if I were really trying to say that I'm different this would be quite incorrect <_<).


C'est-ce que tout le monde dire.


Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing


Should, "I am unique" be acceptable too?


No, because "different" and "unique" mean different things.


For female I put différente because of agreement with être (Je suis)


How do i get an accent over the e? Ikeep getting it wrong because it wants an accent


It shouldn't be marking you incorrect; just reminding you that accents go on certain letters. At least, that has been my experience.


Not sure on a PC. On a Mac I can long press the "e" and a list of choices of accents pops up. You can also install a French keyboard on either a Mac or a PC and switch keyboards. It's pretty easy to switch keyboards on the fly, on the Mac it's command + space bar. Not sure on a PC, but I'm sure you can google it.


Oui, c'est vrai ;)


There are many instances in French, Spanish and German where the speaker does not match the gender of the sentence being spoken. A female voice should speak with proper gender, as in "je suis differente". But if a woman says "je suis different" then I guess she truly is different.


Another multiple choice error. 'Different' missed from the sentence but not available as one of the choices. I am using an iPad. Are the errors only with the iPad version?


Shouldn't "I am unique" be accepted?


Pulled up to the scene with the cieling missing...


J'aime des choses differents que les autres, donc oui mon ami, je suis différent :)

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