"The girl is in the garden."

Translation:Fata este în grădină.

January 8, 2017

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Can anyone explain why the correct answer is grădină and not grădina when the translation includes 'the garden'?

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You only use 'în grădina...' (with a definite article) when you get specific about which garden you are going into (for example: în grădina castelului - in the garden of the castle, or în grădina frumoasă - in the beautiful garden)

If you don't have any specifier for the word, then you have to drop the definite article.


Would this be the case with other places like school, theatre, etc.? If not specified which school or theatre, you would drop the "the?"


Languages have different rules of using articles. As you noticed, Romanian and English work differently in such constructs.

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