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Why I want to learn this language:

I am trying my best to learn this new language [Romainian] because I am a mormon of the church of the jesus christ of the latter day saints, and even though my friend is 19< and I am much younger, we are very close and feel almost like family. So she has left on a mission in our church to Romainia to share the gospel. So I wanted to impress her learn Romainian when she comes back soon :D

Please comment why you're learning the language you are, have a great day! (/-w-)/ sparklez

January 9, 2017



My reason is simple: Romanian is my favourite language regarding to how it sounds.


I love the way Romanian sounds. I fell in love with the language through music that I discovered back in 2007, and have since yearned to learn it. I made a couple of attempts, with BYKI (Before you know it) and Live Mocha, but those only taught vocab and no grammar. I've been excited and ready to learn Romanian for a long time, and now it's finally here!


My best friend lives in Romania and I want to make him smile.


Your friend and the reason why you are learning romanian are truly inspiring. Good luck and loads of success for your learning experience! :) As for me I'm trying to learn the language because my whole family lived there - til the 1980s at least. When I was little I was even able to speak some Romanian but over the time and lack of practice I have forgotten the language. So now I want to rediscover it.


Dorothea12340 thank you for the kind words! I also wish you the best of luck in uncovering your family's language! I am barely making any progress while you have atleast have learnt the language once, you just need to unlock it again. Good luck again!


We have a lot of Romanian immigrants in our town and many don't speak English or any of the national languages yet, so I thought it would be a good idea to learn their language.


Sebastian Stan and his beautiful self

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