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  5. "Το ποντίκι είναι κατοικίδιο."

"Το ποντίκι είναι κατοικίδιο."

Translation:The mouse is a pet.

January 9, 2017



This looks like an adjectival form... something like "my mouse is tame" or "my mouse is domesticated." The lack of an article is confusing to me. Is this like a career word (in lots of languages "I am a painter" in English would translate "I am painter" in the other language)?

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You are correct, κατοικίδιο is an adjective and is paired with the noun ζώο (as in 'κατοικίδιο ζώο'). However, since this is really the only noun that goes after it, the noun is dropped pretty much all the time and the adjective acts as a noun itself. κατοικίδιο


Is there a reason ένα is not used?


Anyone else here, "Catty-kitty-o"?

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