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  5. "That girl has mustache."

"That girl has mustache."

Translation:Cô gái đó có ria mép.

January 9, 2017



Absolutely love this course and I don't want to sound like a sourpuss, but... this is the fourth English language error in two units. Might be worth running the whole course by a native English speaking editor and updating!


The course was only recently finished and they are still making corrections. If you find a mistake just make sure you report it


In comments to another task of this sentence, someone asked about adding “một” and was told that it is never used.

This is an example of when a back translation of proper English into Vietnamese may not lead to proper Vietnamese. For this reason,I prefer the awkward English. I would rather learn proper Vietnamese in a DL course than in real life.


Not good English. Should have an article, either "a" which would be smoothest, or "the."


Again, "a moustache." This is basic English usage. The mistake appears multiple times and needs to be corrected.

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