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  5. "Τι νομίζουν αυτοί;"

"Τι νομίζουν αυτοί;"

Translation:What do they think?

January 9, 2017



Is the αυτοί necessary, does it change the meaning?


Well, don't forget that they translates to αυτοί, for masculine or mixed (as in people), αυτές for feminine and αυτά for neuter. I guess that in this particular sentence, ommiting the pronoun would give you more options for the gender ^.^


Thanks, I suppose I'm asking if in Greek you'd try and put the appropriate gender of pronoun in, rather than just say "Ti νομίζουν;"


In spoken Greek, almost every pronoun is ommited at some cases. I'd say we do use the pronoun in emphatic cases. For example, if you want to emphasize on yourself being interested in their own opinion, you would use it. ^.^


What's the difference between σκεφτώ, σκέφτομαι and νομίζω?


σκέφτομαι is to think as in the mental process.

νομίζω is to think as in to have an opinion.

σκεφτώ is the aorist subjunctive of σκέφτομαι, as in θα σκεφτώ "I will think" or θέλω να σκεφτώ "I want to think".


Could I say σκέφτομαι to express creative ideas as if I was making a plan, and νομίζω for usual situations and overall suggestions? To me, σκέφτομαι sounds more intrinsic. Did I get it right?


As in "Σκεφτόμαστε να αγοράσουμε ένα σπίτι"=we are thinking of buying a house or "σκέφτομαι να πάω διακοπές"=i'm thinking of going on holidays? "νομίζω ότι κάνεις λάθος"=i think you 're wrong or "νομίζω πως πρέπει να το ξανασκεφτείς"= i think you should reconsider. yes ,you got it right


Could νομίζουν be translated as "believe" here?


How do greek speakers differentiate the sound of "αυτη" from "αυτοι"?


As @mizinamo explained there is not difference.

But you do know that in this sentence ""Τι νομίζουν αυτοί;"" νομίζουν is plural so only "αυτοί" is correct.


How do greek speakers differentiate the sound of "αυτη" from "αυτοι"?

They don't. The words are pronounced completely identically.


It would be quite acceptable to translate this as "What are they thinking of" - but this is marked as wrong. However, having just read the discussion, maybe "σκέφτομαι" might be a more suitable verb?


No, this means "What do they think?" nothing about "thinking of".

When you translate from Greek to English you don't change the Greek word to suit your English. YOu make sure the English is correct.

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