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"Πού είναι το άσπρο μου πουκάμισο;"

Translation:Where is my white shirt?

January 9, 2017



So as a general rule of thumb for beginners, is it safer to always use the structure article_adjective_noun_possessive-pronoun? But knowing in some instances the possessive pronoun can come in between the adjective and noun?


I think, when the adjective is with 3 syllables , then you use it like this : article_adjective( with 2 ') _possessive-pronoun_noun.


Just now I encountered 'πού είναι τα κίτρινα γάντια μου'. So does this mean the position of the object and the possessive pronoun can be switched? Is 'πού είναι τα κίτρινα μου γάντια' correct as well?


In another thread I read that you use the pronoun between adjective and noun when you want to emphasize the adjective. For example in κίτρινα γάντια μου it is very likely that the person only has one pair of gloves which happen to be yellow, but important is that he wants the gloves. Whereas in άσπρο μου πουκάμισο the person probably has several shirts, but specifically asks for the white one.


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Mmmm yes, I guess that could be possible, but you'd have to put a double accent in κίτρινα - Πού είναι τα κίτρινά μου γάντια; to show possession. But this particular sentence structure isn't something you hear often. To me, in sounds a bit more "poetic", more often seen in literature. ^.^


So does that also mean the above sentence with το άσπρο μου πουκάμισο is rather poetic and less common than το άσπρο πουκάμισο μου? In any case it's nice to know I have options :-)


Not in all cases. Plus, that's just my opinion xD

It's rather weird though, I can't explain it. You see, when the color is something that wouldn't need a double accent, like άσπρο, μαύρο, μωβ, γκρι, ροζ, μπλε etc, it's more common to use the first structure rather than the second one. But when it comes to colors that do so, like κόκκινο, κίτρινο, πράσινο, etc, it's the other way around. Almost like a double accent doesn't quite sound good in that case? Almost like it could be avoided? I don't know. xP


Oh, I'm agreeing "το άσπρο μου πουκάμισο" is really uncommon.


I think I get what you mean. Perhaps in some cases it is important to preserve the sound or 'flow' of the sentence? Thanks so much! Really interesting!


im confused. I thought μου is always after the noun and it can even be after the adjective describing the noun. I thought ασπρο πουκαμισο μου is should be correct


Either word order is correct if there is an adjective modifying the noun.

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