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  5. "La fille lit une lettre."

"La fille lit une lettre."

Translation:The girl reads a letter.

February 18, 2013

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There seems to be a slight audio glitch here, for just a split second.


Yes! The words fille and lit seem glitched together by the computer. It really doesn't sound like the person actually said them that way. I got this question right, but it just sounds bizarre.


Isn't it the same thing as "the girl IS READING a letter" ?


It's the same because there's no progressive present in French, only one present to express all.


Do you pronounce "lit" or is that word silent? I know that is dumb, but I try to say the translation aloud it doesnt come out the same. OR do I say LEE or just make the sound of the L


If "lit" is in front of a word starting with a vowel, you can use the liaison:" lit-T-une". However, I listened to the audio and she does not make the liaison (wrongly).


The audio is not so good. Yes "lit" should be clearly pronounced. "lee", a frank "ee" sound.


why not "girl reads a letter"?


English and French languages use articles, indefinite (a/an - un/une/des) or definite (the - le/la/les). They are not used the same way to convey the same notions, but here, there is no reason to skip the "la" article once translated into English: the girl.


I didn't hear the lit very well. Doesn't lire mean the same thing as lit?


Lire is the infinitive, and "lit" the he/she form. This audio is too quick, the "lit" is not enough insisted on.


How to phonetically differentiate 'les' and 'lit'?


les (as "les livres) = lay. lit (as "il lit") = lee. But here she should insist on the "ee" sound, and she didn't.


i thought lit was bed but it is actually also read.... -__-


Yes, with a pronoun or another subject, it's always the verb. It could be: La fille lit dans son lit. (the girl reads in her bed)


For some reason, I feel silly when I say 'lettre' and at the end I sound as if I have a phlegm. But it's the only way I got the pronunciation right! Is it ok to sound like that, or am I exaggerating?


I don't know, you should record it on http://vocaroo.com/ and post the link. Lettre is here: http://fr.forvo.com/word/lettre/#fr


The French ALL sound that way & proud if it!


How do we understand when to use les filles and la fille. The proununciation for both is the same


You should focus on articles (determiners of all kinds): LA fille vs LEH filles


can someone explain to me the different tenses of actions? I still do not get it.


"la fille lit une lettre" is in present tense.

French does not have continuous tenses, so "the girl reads/is reading a letter" both translate to "la fille lit une lettre".

Only if you want to insist on the fact that the action is in progress at the time you speak can you use a phrase, "ĂȘtre en train de + infinitive", and the sentence becomes "la fille est en train de lire" = the girl is reading (right now).


How is lit/lison conjugated?


Hover on the verb, then click on 'conjugation'.

je lis, tu lis, il/elle/on lit, nous lisons, vous lisez, ils/elles lisent


whats the difference with lisons, lisent and lit


Conjugation of the verb "lire" in present: je lis, tu lis, il/elle/on lit, nous lisons, vous lisez, ils/elles lisent.

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