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"Un lup mănâncă carne prăjită."

Translation:A wolf eats fried meat.

January 9, 2017



Is no one going to talk about the fact that the wolves are eating fried meat??


Lol, it's Duo universe; anything is possible! Anthromorphic animals doing things humans do etc :-)


Maybe if it was stated that they fried the meat themselves?

[deactivated user]

    Good 1 SyntaxSocialist


    so prăjită means fried but prăjitură is cupcake? are cupcakes fried? lol


    Right! I mean... you got the meanings right, but we don't usually fry them!


    I'm curious about the derivation since it looks like they share the same root :-)


    They do indeed have the same root. In fact, a prăji is the root of prăjitură.

    It seems that a prăji means using fire (usually in fat) upon a food item to make it edible or to process it. So besides frying, it also has this deeper meaning which at some time in the past made it a good reason to label cupcakes as prăjturi. Meanwhile, with the development of modern food it seems to have lost its broader meaning.


    Interestingly, I googled the word and the images that came up do not resemble cupcakes at all, but more like crumbles or squares. Still look delicious though. I'm sorry, I just love deserturi haha.


    I think they used cupcake to differentiate them from tort (google images for it) which is also cake.


    A little bit late, but I think I can answer this :) It seems to me, that this is one of many words of Slavic origin. Romanian sound j is pretty close to Czech ž or Polish ż. There is a word "pražit" (verb) or "pražený" (adjective) in Czech which means to roast/roasted (in the meaning of e.g. nuts, not meat). The same is in Polish (prażyć, prażony). In Slovak on the other hand the same word means "to fry".


    Its gotta be a werewolf


    How did the wolf fry the meat

    [deactivated user]

      Idk mason_b1


      Romanian wolves are weird...

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