"The boy is talking on chat."

Translation:Το αγόρι μιλάει στο chat.

January 9, 2017

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The give answer as correct το αγόρι τα λέει στη συνομιλία seems quiet weird to a Greek. Mobile version.


Changed τα λέει to κουβεντιάζει. Το αγόρι κουβεντιάζει στην συνομιλία. I don't that τα λέει sounds weird, though... -Τι κάνεις εκεί; -Τα λέω εδώ με τα παιδιά στην συνομιλία.


Thanks! This part is quite difficult as one has to learn idiomatic or even slung computers dialect, that changes very fast. Some other trees skip it, I think this is the reason. In more details:

Yes, it is understood., Even not changed. I translated literally, not accepted, that's why I posted it. I am talking about this very phrase. Your phrase is a bit different. And even so, the sentence should have a good structure. Λέει ποια; Κουβεντιάζει ποια; This translation τα λέει is a bit idiomatic, even, say, slung, used many times in every life. I.e. Tα λέμε=see you soon,. I don't know if this phrase is a slung in English. If it is, no objection.

It should be a part with such phrases in Greek tree, as it happens in other trees. But I think it is too late, I don't know.


No “chat” no μιλάει° No “chat* on choice of words, on level 3 .tecnology. I chose συνομιλία ηλεκτρονική ° marked incorrect


All thé sentences with chat are correct apart from *The boy is talking on chat » Level 3


Κουβεντιάζω = new verb = chat, have a word, converse at length, gossip........


The proposed answer is το αγόρι μιλάει ηλεκτρονικά. Is this right? What is the literal translation? "Talks electronically"? Do you actually use this form in Greek?


Yes, it is used. The literal translation is "talks electronically". One can also use μιλάει διαδικτυακά "talks through internet". Ηλεκτρονικός/Διαδικτυακός can have the meaning of "online" in context if that makes it clearer for you. ;)


Seems to be a bug here: 'μιλάει ' isn't included in the list of possible words to use, hence it's impossible to complete the item.

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I’m confused (nothing new!). This sentence came up for me as a word bank translation into Greek. The answer given above is “Το αγόρι μιλάει στο chat” (which is what I was looking for) but of those words only “Το” and “αγόρι” are in the word bank, and the answer given is “Το αγόρι κουβεντιάζει στην ηλεκτρονική συνομιλία” ... but I don’t think I’d been introduced to this before ... and the hover tips didn’t lead me in this direction either. (I suppose I should have stuck to my guns and switched off the word bank!)


Well, word banks are always like this. The tiles come from the best translations, and for some sentences, these translations might be more than one. So, someone might end up surprised or confused. The randomness of the process doesn't make it easier, but it is a feauture of this type of exercise. :S

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