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Did anyone else think they were pretty awesome at translating French until they started using Duolingo and found it much harder to do in "real life", and that they liked most other people's translations better than their own? I'm having that problem.

June 20, 2012



I get it, I feel like only reading lol


Thanks for helping us all to feel that we are in this together. I've been studying french for a few years and sometimes I thnk I'll never be comfortable in it, but you have reminded me that I have to stick with it to make progress. It is nice to be reminded that others are struggling along with me.


I feel you fella. I look at their translations but instead of feeling down, I feel great because I can compare my "level" of understanding with more "advance" users. Hey, that's all very cool to me! I know that little by little I will be "catching up" to them and then who knows, my translations might get more accurate. :) Kudos!


I didn't mean to make my "insight" sound like a complaint but more like a roundabout compliment to all the French learners out there. I am sometimes really astounded by how much better people have worded the stuff I'm reading than I could have. Some people are just naturals at this.

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