"Mary does not know you."

Translation:Maria nu te cunoaște pe tine.

January 9, 2017

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They are giving "Maria nu vă știe." as a correct translation. Am I wrong in thinking that 'stie' is for facts and such, while 'cunoaste' is for people? Essentially this is conocer vs saber, connaitre vs savoir, cognoscere vs sapere, right?


We use it for people too!

  • O știi pe Maria?

We also use it for recalling using this syntax:

  • Mai știi ce-am făcut în ziua aia?


thank you! I'm just remembering another weird thing about a stii, which my father taught me: in the imperfect, it can mean to believe, while in the present it means to know: acuma stiu ca limba romana este o limba romanica, ieri stiam ca era (este?) o limba slavica. Is that right, or am I remembering that incorrectly?


I think that we use it to sincerely say that's what we knew at the time. Of course it was only a belief, but so might be what know now. I'd rather translate it as yesterday I thought I knew.

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