"Ele os visita."

Translation:He visits them.

February 18, 2013

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"He visits you" also correct?


Yes. It took me a while to realize it, because a Portuguese speaker would first assume it meant "them". We would just find other ways to make it clear if we meant "you". Like using "vos" or "vocês". But your question is whether or not it is correct. So, I need to come up with sentences and scenarios in my head to see if I can come up with a situation in which it could be interpreted as "you". Like "ele veio os visitar?" which could mean "did he come to visit you?" AND, get this, "did he come to visit them?"

Ele os visita means "he visits [plural masculine]". The reason we know that is that the word "os" shows us that he is visiting more than one person. And the "o" part indicates the masculine side of the word.

Them is plural and can be masculine, just as you can be plural and masculine. Put one dude in a group and the whole group goes masculine.

So if you want to say "you" in this sentence, you have to be careful to remind yourself that he visits "you" plural, as in you all. And that there is a difference between você and vocês that simply does not exist in English, y'all.


I have the same question.


Me too. I hope someone here knows and can tell us.


Is it correct that os implies them much like sou implies eu sou?


Yes, but in this case the os is used in the same case as "Te amo" in Spanish where "Te" is the direct object.


Is it my computer or is this just really hard to hear the difference between os and o


I listened very carefully and the robot does not say "os" but "o". In other sentences with the article "os", it clearly says something between "oz" and "ooz". But, although the robot pronunciation is sometimes frustrating, I am learning BP and that is what is important, isn't it?


"He pays them a visit" crazy?

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