"We have a big piece of cake."

Translation:Noi avem o bucată mare de tort.

January 9, 2017

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what about using "piesă" instead of "bucată"?


Nope, that would not work here. See this thread to find out why.


I tried to translate this sentence as "noi avem o bucată mare tortului" and got dinged for using "tortului" instead of "de tort."

What sort of rule is being violated here? From other languages, I might expect that the genitive can serve a partitive function, and I don't think I've seen anywhere in this course rules for how to decide between "de XXX" and "XXX[gen]."

My instinct is that my phrasing is legal but just not preferred for Reasons, but I'd love to hear if someone can explain why my phrasing is bad.


Noi avem o bucată mare a tortului would be correct and closest to your desired usage.


"Avem o bucată mare a tortului" doesn't work. I'll report it

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