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  5. "Το αγόρι τρώει πρωινό."

"Το αγόρι τρώει πρωινό."

Translation:The boy eats breakfast.

January 10, 2017



Since we already learned words like "Καλημέρα" it would help to mix them in here like have us translate "Καλημέρα αγόρι, θέλετε πρωινό;" or something like that to associate morning and the word for breakfast.

It helps for association of the words.


I like that. Im having trouble with πρωινό. Great idea, i will probably remember now. But still.


Ari718480, I remember πρωινό as breakfast by associating it with the slogan "Breakfast of champions". Champions are professionals: Pros eat breakfast.


If you have trouble learning a certain word, this is the easiest method. Just build it into a sentence with a word you already know. The weirder the sentence is, the easier you will be to keep it in mind.


Can I use πρόγευμα as synonyms of ''breakfast'' in this case?

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Yes, you can.;)

[deactivated user]

    Is there a Greek verb that means "to eat breakfast" like "desayunar" in Spanish, for example?


    I'm afraid not. Τρώω πρωινό is the phrase to go with. The only verb I could think of that is related to eating, in such a way, is δειπνώ (dine, sup, eat dinner) and γευματίζω (dine, eat a meal-any meal).

    You don't come across these ones too often though. ^.^


    Is it better to say "he eats the breakfast" or "he eats breakfast" in greek ?


    Both are considered correct, but Αυτός τρώει πρωινό - He eats breakfast (without the definite article το) is more common!


    "The boy eating breakfast" was marked wrong.


    "The boy eating breakfast" was marked wrong.

    Indeed. That is not a complete sentence, unlike the Greek sentence.

    If you had written "The boy is eating breakfast", it should have been accepted.

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