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  5. "Cats do not eat vegetables."

"Cats do not eat vegetables."

Translation:Pisicile nu mănâncă legume.

January 10, 2017



Why is this "pisicile" instead of "pisici"? There isn't a definite article in the English sentence.


I'm wondering the same thing.


The usage of the definite article is a bit different in Romanian, compared to English. While in English you omit the definite article when the subject is cats (etc.) in general, in Romanian you have to use it.


Lurch_M gives a fine explanation. Romance languages generally require the use of the definite article in the plural when talking about all members of a group.

E.g. – English: Cats do not eat vegetables. – Portuguese: Os gatos não comem vegetais.


Whoever said that cats do not eat vegetables? All my cats have always eatwn them, and especially broccoli, which they even try and steal from my plate.....!

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