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Language Freak

Are you a language freak? Do you need compulsively to learn new languages? Do you feel better when you discover something new about a language that helps you getting closer to fluency? ---- It would be nice talking about it here, and... adding each other as friends here, and find other ways to discuss about our addiction. :D

Sorry for editing, but I didn't write the -few, sigh- languages that I know... I am Italian, fluent in English and Spanish, I do my best with German, I attempt to learn Japanese and French... then probably I am not such a language freak! Next time I will make a discussion for grammar freaks! ;) I will reply to all of you tomorrow, today I didn't have much time, sorry.

February 18, 2013



Definitely a language freak... I know German (native), English, French, Esperanto, Latin, Italian, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, Modern Greek, Spanish, Swahili and Arabic, in order of ability. I know all except Swahili Arabic well enough to read novels in them. I'm also A2 in Japanese and used to be A2 in Finnish, but not generally counting these as they're too weak still.

I'm presently studying Portuguese on Duolingo. When studying Spanish some years back, I had trouble keeping Italian words out of my Spanish and Spanish words out of my Italian, so now my idea is to do the Duolingo Portuguese/Spanish/Italian units in parallel in order to compare & contrast. For Italian it's just a reminder, for Spanish I occasionally learn something and Portuguese is all new. :-)

I have a blog about learning languages at http://www.learnlangs.com/blog .


You are awesome!


Wow that's incredible !


WOW!!! You`re awesome!!!!


love your blog......and WOW!! you are awesome


I am a language freak. As I hear or see or stumble upon new languages, suddenly I think "Ooh, that sounds nice. Neat culture too" and so more languages are added to my 'To-Learn List' (right now, I am learning nine). I do feel better! I thinks its amazing to see your progress. Journal/diary entries and practice help with this. LFAA - Language Freak Addicts Anonymous


Haha, sounds just like me. :)


haha sign me up for LFAA please ;)


Well, compared with you guys I'm not enough freaky, but my friends call me a polyglot. (For most of them, knowing English and some words from other languages is enough to be considered a polyglot :D)

I am a native Russian speaker, fluent in English, intermediate in French and beginner in German. Learned a little Italian a few years ago, but that hardly counts as I don't remember much (still planning to learn Italian).

I work as a translator from English into Russian. I don't need any other languages in my work or in my life in general, but learning languages is fun to me. My main goal is to be able to read books in a foreign language. Talking needs people, time and appropriate environment (work won't do, talking a lot when you are not alone in the room won't do and so on), so I don't get much speaking practice.


I am American, so of course fluent in English. French is my strongest foreign language, I read books in French for pleasure and enjoy doing the translations on Duolingo. I also studied German at the college level, and have worked on German on Duolingo too. My Hebrew is pretty good as I studied it on my own and in school, then lived in Israel for 6 months and studied in an Ulpan. I have studied Spanish informally--got good enough to help my kids with their Spanish homework in high school. I swore I would not start a new language, but then I saw a discussion thread about Esperanto here on Duolingo. I got so intrigued that I started studying it intensively, online and from a book, and am making rapid progress! I would love to attend an Esperanto meeting/conference one day.


I've added you. I have to admit though that I haven't been very active lately due to interfering obligations and hobbies. I would like to spend some more time learning languages and talking with fellow linguaphiles sounds like a perfect reason to study more. A couple of months ago marshalTHErtist opened a discussion for aspiring polyglots. It hasn't been used in a while, but you might still like to have a look: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/77210


I'm the same way. I get a little thrown off/sidetracked with other activities. Thank you! I looked at it briefly, but I will look at it more closely tomorrow.


I was hoping you could give some tips as you mentioned studying nine languages. I will start to keep better track of what I've done to get a better sense of what I've achieved. It's very easy to lose track of your progress when you just randomly try to learn something. And it's easy to get distracted when there are so many interesting languages to learn.


I am most definitely a language freak. In fact, that's what I spend most of my time doing. I'm American and therefore speak English natively. I also have a C1 level in French and am currently studying abroad in France. Apart from these languages I find myself especially attracted to the Scandinavian languages such as Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Although I have no concrete method of learning them through a professional in class setting I still enjoy studying from books, videos etc. I'm also very interested in learning Lithuanian, Polish, Hungarian, German (currently studying here on duolingo), Italian, Spanish, Russian and perhaps Chinese. My goal is to become a linguist, operating with foreign relations, translator or interpreter or something of that sort in terms of career in the future. It's nice to see this website and other people who are inspired by the world and to learn its languages just like myself.


Joining the group. native in romanian, fluent in english spanish and french, conversational in german (open for a german tandem :D) , and learning (brazilian)portuguese on duolingo(same goes for tandem here).

I do think I was luckier than some, have had the opportunity to live in France, to make a tour of Spain, and now I am in Mexico, and travel and languages do go hand in hand :)


I love learning languages! Although unfortunately I can only safely say that I speak English fluently.. I learned German 3-4 years ago so I'm brushing it up here on Duolingo :) I'm also practising French for school. (Add me! :D) It's so awesome to have found this linguist community. Reading these posts reinforce my admiration of polyglots and interest in languages!


uh!.. intrested to learn languages but not that fast i guess!, if your so fluent in spanish could you help me out with it! ..just joined duolingo!


Of course, I am not native but I know a couple of tricks! Feel free to ask me! :)


LFAA-- love it! I'm almost 15 and I'm already a definite language freak. Found Duolingo 2 1/2 weeks ago and LOVE it! I've been finding myself saying, "Oh, I need to learn that language sometime." But I procrastinate (as well as thinking it wise to learn one language and THEN learn the next so as not to mix words) and haven't gone farther than 5 years of Spanish. I know English, understand some German, read and understand Spanish (I'm still too uncomfortable speaking it, though I can) and am attempting to learn French. Japanese and Arabic are at the top of my to-learn list, and I think it would be fun to learn Italian. :)


You're great guys, I will add all of you. Unfortunately here the friendship things is more similar to the followers in Twitter, and you are probably not even notified if somebody adds you. Ah, I always say that the social part of duolingo should be improved! :D

If I come up with some ideas, I will post them here or will try to contact all of you!

Have fun learning!!!


Actually, you can go to settings and change them so that an you get a notification by email when someone adds you. It helps!! :)


Im sort of a language freak, but Duolingo doesnt offer all of the languages I want ot learn, and I hate to ask my mom and grandma to look into a tutor. I have a cassete tape for Japanese words, but I`m a visual learner, and I cannot memorize the vocab at all...


Some generalists are definitively language freaks


Hi! I'm fairly new to Duolingo, but have enjoyed the experience so far. It'd be fun to get in touch with some of you, seeing as you're all as enthusiastic about languages as I am. I live in Belgium which gave me the advantage of having to learn both Dutch (native) and French. It's been a while though, since I had my last French lesson and I thought Duolingo might be a good place to freshen up a little of the vocabulary and grammar I've forgotten (if you want a job in Belgium, you'd better be able to speak both fluently). Next to Dutch and French, I'm quite fluent in English; was forced (through school) to take one year of German, but I discovered that if I speak Dutch with a German accent they can understand me perfectly fine; took a one-year course of Spanish (very basic); and can speak a little Swedish, since I regularly go up there. I hope one day I'll have mastered all of the previously mentioned (and some more), but I'm in no hurry. I'm happy this site exists to help me, achieving my goal. Feel free to add me, though no obligations whatsoever :)

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