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  5. "Οι μπροστινές καρέκλες."

"Οι μπροστινές καρέκλες."

Translation:The front chairs.

January 10, 2017



If you put the mouse over καρέκλες it gives the two translations, chairs and seats. "The front seats" sounds better than "The front chairs" even though, technically, "θέσεις" means seats.


I get that it might sound a bit odd, but it's not wrong. Plus, there is a better sentence for pretty much every sentence in a course, but that's not what we are looking for (not always, at least). I think that in cases like this one, learners should focus on the sentence structure rather than the actual meaning of it. :P


DL should also accept "The chairs in the front."

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And once again I repeat...that is already accepted. Have you been checking out our database, you've hit all our alternatives thus far. And please use the Report option. That's the preferred method to make suggestions. That's the option on the bottom of the exercsie page which I explained to you before.


should 'the front seats' not be acceptable?

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Seats is θέσεις not καρέκλες. You can have a seat on a couch. ;)


Why is seats given as a hint? I was thinking like the front seats of a car when I saw the sentence.


we don't talk about front, or forward chairs in English, only front / forward seats. Chairs are movable, not fixed objects.

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"the forward chairs"?


Um, is that an actual expression in English? Is it supposed to mean something like "The chairs facing forward"? I've only heard "forward tilt chair". If that's what you mean, no, it's not the same thing. If you mean something else, please feel free to enlighten a non-native English speaker. :P ^.^


Its definitely an appropriate phrase in a nautical (or aeronautical) frame of reference. When on a ship things towards the bow of the boat are described as being forward. You would say "the forward cabin is yours" or "the forward chairs are for first class passengers"

I'm not sure it makes sense to include this kind of vernacular as a possible translation, but I thought I'd make you aware of it.

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