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  5. "Một cái quần ngắn"

"Một cái quần ngắn"

Translation:A pair of short pants

January 10, 2017



How come "pair" is always implied. If I tell someone to get his shorts I just say so: "Go, get your shorts (pants etc.)." So why is it always a pair in translation. Shouldn't the word "shorts (pants etc.)" also be counted? If you really mean a pair you have to use "đới" anyway, don't you?


Has someone an answer for me, please? Since it's still not accepted...


I don't understand it either.


Can this also mean 'a pair of shorts'?


Yes, I think so... I read now a few times (a pair of) shorts=cái quần ngắn or cái sóoc and pair is implied


Does it mean 'shorts' for the summer or normal pants but too short ?


I believe the word for "shorts" (e.g. for summer) is quần ngắn, so the former. So I think to say pants that are short, you would say "quần mà ngắn"


Thank you Nintendao!


How Do you pronounce quần ngắn? I find it very Hard to pronounce the ng Sound directly after the n Sound. Is it okay to swallow one of those, or should I rather make a small Pause between the words?

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