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Duolingo hanging--slowdown

Duolingo German lessons have been hanging after submitting answers and sometimes not moving on to the next page after completing a lesson.

Anyone know how to fix this?

January 10, 2017



The servers are moving extremely slowly right now. Duolingo staff are working to fix the problem. =)


I'm a little bit concerned about my 649 day streak. I've done two lessons that took an age and neither of them registered. I only have 3.5 hours before my day is up.


If they didn't register, maybe it's the type device? A lot of us are having similar problems. It took me over an hour just to get my daily minimum in. You do have a streak freeze, so that will protect your streak for a day.I hope they get this fixed by tomorrow. It's been going on at least 2 days now.


Thanks for the info. That explains the problems I've been having


My Swedish lessons do this too. So annoying as then you have to start the section over again


Same problem also, including Duolingo German not sync'ing between devices or recognising when lessons have been completed. Started about two days ago (8th)


Is everyone going to lose their streaks today? I have done three lessons, one on the app and two on the website, and none of them counted.

I also clicked on the "activity" button and got an error message that says:

"You’re alone, Hauptmann_J! Add some friends to see their activity. There is an error retrieving your stream."


If you got it in earlier, no. I still have well over the XP I needed and my flame has a check mark. But if you started in when the servers went completely on the fritz, you may be in jeopardy. Try to buy a streak freeze if it will let you do that. The activity and stream issues have been ubiquitous and frustrating, but there's nothing that we as users can do to rectify the issues. Something that would probably help would be if there weren't spam in the discussions like "Yo hablo espanol that means I speak spanish" and the like. There has been considerable spam recently, at least that I've seen. Just keep your fingers crossed. Losing a 405 day German streak would be quite tragic. =(


i am also facing the problem it take approximately 10 minute hanging after submission then also XP is not added and i am not able to reach my own daily xp.

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