Streak lost - due to cache cleared? No streak freeze, no time zone change, no mobile app

I just lost a 436 day streak. I am absolutely certain I did not miss a day. I track progress in other tools, so I'd have had to mistakenly record the activity there on top of falsely generating the clear memory I have of completing the lesson yesterday. I concede that I didn't check on Duolingo itself that the activity had been added to the streak at the time.

I logged on today and my streak is showing as zero. This was after I cleared cache/cookies on the machine (which is not the machine on which I completed the lesson yesterday, but I frequently use both machines to access the site).

I didn't have a streak freeze active. I didn't change timezones or anything like that. I don't have a daily XP goal set. I don't use the mobile app much, but today after seeing the zero on the website I checked the app on my phone. When it loaded it said I'd lost my streak and offered to repair it for €10, which I declined - I'm not willing to pay for a bug.

It seems that either the lesson I completed yesterday was not correctly recorded, or that clearing my cache/cookies and logging in afresh somehow caused the site to forget a day of progress (even though that progress took place on a different device). That, or it's a larger site-wide issue and not directly related to anything I did - I see multiple other topics in the forum that look very similar:,,

In one respect it's not a huge deal - it's very disappointing, but I'll live. However, I'm quite annoyed that the help center ( makes no mention of the possibility that this is an actual error on the website's part - the only possibilities it outlines are user error, and it claims a streak can't be restored. Meanwhile, the mobile app offers to restore it if I pay. I understand the site needs funding, but this feels like Duolingo's error broke my streak through no fault of mine and they're now ransoming it back to me.

I'd like my streak restored, especially if this is some kind of underlying glitch on the site that's affecting multiple users.

January 10, 2017


Duolingo's servers are having problems at the moment. Have a look at the official announcement here: The Duolingo staff have recently made a post about this:

It's worth keeping a streak freeze equipped, just in case of situations like this.

January 10, 2017

I was able to check the browser in which I took the lesson yesterday, and before reloading, it was still showing the streak from yesterday - i.e., that lesson hadn't updated the streak. Looks like it wasn't even recorded as strengthening the skill. I see another thread where someone is hittting exactly this behaviour even before losing their streak:

January 10, 2017

I've had the exact same issue. Did Duolingo in the end resolve the issue? I've emailed the support team but to no avail so far.

September 30, 2017

This issue was resolved soon after I opened this, and my streak was restored. I haven't seen anything similar since.

October 9, 2017
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