"We eat fruit again."

Translation:Iarăși mâncăm fructe.

January 10, 2017

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why not 'Iarăși noi mâncăm fructe.' ?


"noi mâncăm fructe din nou" should also be correct...


The translatión with the pronoun "we" is also correct. Why can't I say "Iarasi noi mancam fructe"?


"Din nou" is listed in the dictionary before Iarăși so I used it.Buy the the way when I tried to use the Alt code for the s with cedilla I receive a message that it is blocked by the program! In the class Duo provides them ! I understand that in the discussion the accented letters are not available but the Alt code should be permissible to have the correct spelling. I had to use a cut-paste to insert it.

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